Black Mold Symptoms – A Serious Health Problem

Black mold symptoms are serious; if left untreated these can become a life threatening issue. There are steps a person can take to protect themselves. The first two steps must be taken together; a physician must be consulted and the living space checked for serious health hazards. If an infiltration of these spores is found, the homeowner or renter can attempt the treatment themselves or hire a professional to find, fix and freshen the area making it fit for human occupancy.

Black mold exposure symptoms can include a wide variety of complaints including problems breathing, headaches that are unexplained, a persistent cough, irritation of the eyes and mucous membranes and a strange development of rashes or hives on the skin. More insidious symptoms include lethargy and memory or concentration problems. People in good health usually regain their health quickly once the problem is removed. People with chronic health problems can develop life-threatening issues that can take years of treatment.

The first step in dealing with this is to consult a physician. This doctor can order tests to check for antibodies in the blood showing the body’s reaction to an irritant. There are many tests available to check the indoor air quality and surface quality of a property. These can be purchased and used by the homeowner or renter or a qualified professional can be hired to do a complete evaluation.

If these two steps show a problem, the mold must be eradicated before the symptoms will disappear. Moisture must be present for mold to grow; the source of the moisture is located and repaired or eliminated. The mold should be removed in a safe manner and the air inside the building purified of any microscopic mold spores that are floating around looking for a new home. A professional company has the know-how, tools and supplies to do this work quickly, efficiently and competently.

Toxic black mold is very serious and need to be addressed as soon as possible. The health issues need to be discussed with a doctor and the mold problems with a professional mold removal company.

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