Anti Aging Wrinkle Creams – Do They Work?

Do fishermen ever read wrinkle cream reviews? If they did, then they would discover a great way to supplement their income. A number of natural skin care products contain seaweed.

While that fact may surprise you, it does not surprise a great many Japanese women. The females in Japan have known for a long time that a chemical found in seaweed can keep their faces looking young and vibrant.

Still, do not think that every good anti aging wrinkle cream needs to contain an extract that came from the sea. An effective anti aging cream must replace the chemicals that have disappeared from skin tissue, tissue comprised of aging epithelial cells.

Young skin produces the proteins collagen and elastin. Those two proteins help that skin to remain firm and taught. That is why youthful adults do not have sagging skin.

Now as skin ages, it looses the ability to make those two proteins. Thus older epithelial cells lack collagen and elastin. They do not exhibit the firmness found in younger skin cells. They do not adhere tightly to the underlying tissues. In short, they begin to sag and wrinkle.

So then, should a good anti wrinkle cream facilitate the “smearing” of a collagen-filled and elastin-filled cream on a wrinkled visage? No, that is not going to ensure that you will permanently remove wrinkles. It might permit a temporary removal of those dreaded signs of aging. It might fill in the spaces between the wrinkles.

However, the ability to “fill in the cracks” can not carry out a long lasting transformation of old looking skin into youthful looking vibrant skin. Only a cream that gets older epithelial cells to start producing collagen and elastin can guarantee the permanent removal of sagging and wrinkled skin.

So when an older adult goes shopping for a facial cream, he or she should study the ingredients on the label. Those ingredients should include chemicals that can “ignite” old epithelial cells, chemicals that can cause those cells to produce much the much needed “building blocks” of healthy epithelial tissue.

By perusing the information that has been posted on the Internet, a studious adult should be able to learn more about the biochemistry of skin formation. Then he or she will understand better how to choose wisely, when shopping for effective anti wrinkle products. After using that product, he or she will no longer shy away from looking at a reflected visage in the mirror.

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