How Do You Eat a Pomegranate?

A pomegranate is a deciduous shrub that bears fruit and grows up to eight meters tall. Within its fruit are tasty arils desired for a variety of recipes. But before learning how to make all these dishes, one must first master the trick in preparing and eating pomegranates. This is because pomegranates have this kind […] Read more »

What is the Gastroparesis Treatment?

Have you been experiencing delay in gastric emptying these days and feels nauseated every morning? If yes, better have your gastrointestinal tract checked by a medical professional because you might be experiencing gastroparesis. What is gastroparesis and what is gastroparesis treatment? Definition Gastroparesis is a medical term that refers to the delay in gastric emptying. […] Read more »

Benefits of Drinking Water with Lemon

We know how vital it is to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. That is because we know how important water is to our body. We cannot live without water. And drinking a lot of water has numerous benefits for us. But what if you add another healthful food to your water, […] Read more »

How Do You Get Water Out of Your Ear?

On hot summer days, going for a swim is very enticing. But sometimes, you end up with water inside your ears. Having water stuck inside your ears can be extremely harmful to your ears. And removing the water properly is just as damaging. So, how do you get water out of your ear? There are […] Read more »

Natural Remedies for Water Retention

Water retention, also called fluid retention, is medically termed edema. It is a condition wherein water is retained in the body tissues. Normally, when water leaks from the blood into the body tissue, the lymphatic system takes care of the removal of the excess water. When a person suffers from water retention, the lymphatic system […] Read more »

What are the Natural Remedies for Bloating?

Almost everyone who has eaten too much has experienced bloating. And it’s not a very good feeling. Sometimes, it can also be very embarrassing. So, how do you treat this common condition? What are the natural remedies for bloating? Bloating Abdominal bloating refers to a sense of fullness, enlargement, or tightness in the abdominal area. […] Read more »

Can You Brush Teeth with Baking Soda?

Baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate, is a popular weak alkaline powder that is used today in various ways, especially in keeping our bodies properly alkalized. It is dubbed as the natural cleaner for, aside from its famous leavening prowess, it cleans paint, removes pesticides, and even neutralizes odors from books. People have tried […] Read more »

Why Does My Dog Smell so Bad?

For dog-lovers, dogs are just the most adorable creatures. And what’s the best way to show your affection for man’s best friend than giving your pet a hug. But this can be a bit difficult if your dog smells. So what? You’ll just have to give your dog a bath right? But if the smell […] Read more »

What are the Symptoms of High Cortisol?

What is cortisol? Cortisol is a type of hormone that is produced by the body’s adrenal cortex. The production of such hormone is usually stimulated by the release of another hormone known as the the adrenal cortical stimulating hormone or the ACTH. In addition to this, the release of the ACTH is being synthesized by […] Read more »

What is Hemophilia?

Have you seen someone who injured himself and have difficult time stopping the blood from oozing out of the wound? If yes, then that person might have a hemophilia. What is hemophilia? And how is the condition managed? Hemophilia, also spelled as hemophilia, is a hereditary genetic disorder wherein the body’s ability to control the […] Read more »

Natural Remedies for Kidney Infection

Kidney infections are mostly caused by a bacterial infection. If a person has a low resistance to infection, the bacteria can travel all the way up the ureters to the kidneys. A urinary tract infection is usually the precursor of a kidney infection. There are two types of kidney infection. One is acute kidney infection. […] Read more »

Do we Dream in Color?

It is safe to say that all of us have already experienced dreaming while we were sleeping at night. Dreams are actually very bizarre activities of our mind. A dream is defined as a series of images, ideas, emotions and as well as sensations that are happening involuntarily in the mind of a person during […] Read more »

What are the DSM Criteria for Bipolar Disorder?

Before we can get an understanding of the DSM criteria for bipolar disorder, it is important for us to learn first what the meaning of the condition bipolar disorder is. Bipolar disorder is a condition that exhibits more than wild mood swings. However, this is not simply a situation of a person where he or […] Read more »

What are Good Late Night Snacks?

There are various reasons why we stay up late at night. We may be doing some work for school or the office. We could also stay up to watch a movie or a late night show. Whatever the reason may be, it’s always nice to have something to eat while stay up at night. But […] Read more »

What are the Natural Remedies for Osteoporosis?

Having osteoporosis is difficult. You can observe this condition mostly among the elderly. Old people stooping and having difficulty in walking are people with osteoporosis. But the symptoms can be eased, if not remedied at all. Then, what are the natural remedies of osteoporosis? Osteoporosis Osteoporosis comes from two words: osteo, meaning “bone” and porosis, […] Read more »

What are the Health Benefits of Salmon?

Of all types of meat, fish is considered to be the healthiest. This is due to its low cholesterol amount and as well as its high nutrient content. A perfect example of a healthy type of fish for our diet is no other than the salmon. Salmon is a species of fish that is found […] Read more »

What are the Chewing Gum Benefits?

There are various gums available in the market today. They come in different colors and flavors. Some gums are made for blowing big bubbles. Others are simply for chewing. And these chewing gums have various benefits. So, what are the chewing gum benefits ? Chewing Gum Chewing gum is a confectionary product made of 5 […] Read more »

Should I Worry when I Have No Period after Stopping Birth Control?

There are various methods to prevent pregnancy. One of the most common is the birth control pills. And birth control pills can be further classified into different types. But these pills, in general, work by controlling the female hormones. And this results to controlling your menstrual cycle, and thus preventing you from getting pregnant. But […] Read more »

What are the Endometriosis Natural Remedies?

Endometriosis is an often painful chronic condition that involves the growth of endometrium (tissue lining the uterus) outside the uterus toward the fallopian tubes, ovaries, cervix, bladder, or bowel. There are also times when this tissue called endometrium grows even outside the pelvic region (e.g. lungs). The Endometriosis Association has reported that the condition has […] Read more »

What Causes Dandruff?

You scratch your head. Then you see some white stuff fall off. And you know what that means. You have dandruff. But what causes dandruff? What makes your scalp itch badly? What makes those white flakes fall on your clothes? What is Dandruff? Almost everyone, at least at one point of their lives, has experienced […] Read more »