Why Use a Lap Pool?

Cardiovascular exercise is the key to losing weight and keeping it off, and doctors recommend at least one hour per day of high intensity workouts to keep your heart rate up.  Keeping your body from accumulating fat is obviously a concern, but those with joint or back problems have difficulty running or biking in order to exercise, and need a different solution for weight control.

The best choice for many Americans with bone issues is simply to swim — an exercise that not only burns fat but also builds muscle tone.  Of course, not everyone has their own pool, and finding one can be difficult, as some do not cater to exercise enthusiasts.  A proper lap pool, however, is the ideal means for anyone to drop some weight.  Furthermore, it may not be difficult to find one — it may not even be difficult to build one in your own home!

Lap pools are structured to have single columns of distances from ten to fifty meters.  An Olympic sized pool is enough for a dozen lanes, but not every neighborhood has such a massive facility and a more modest sized pool with three or four lanes is more common.  Swimmers traverse back and forth on these lanes, exercising for their own concern or competitively racing against the clock or others in the lap swimming pool.  Swim meets for kids or high school students take place in lap pools, where scrutinized time keeping ensures that the exact speed and distance is determined for each individual in their lane.

If you have the space, the financial capacity, and the desire, countless Americans have decided they do not want to go to a public pool to get their exercise, and have built their own indoor lap pool to enjoy aerobics and just paddling around from the comfort of their own home.  An indoor pool is a very costly installation — costing about a quarter of a million dollars if the house is not properly designed for it — but can be an excellent source of comfort and training for those who are willing to put up with the expense.  Indoor pools are easier to maintain temperature (although the majority are built in areas that stay warm year round) and ensure that you or your children do not have to worry about sunburn.  Indeed, an indoor lap pool can be such a boon to a family that their relatives and friends will quickly come calling to use it!

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