Why Use A Curved Stair Lift?

Stair lifts or a chair lift for stairs provide an excellent way to assist someone with disability.  It allows ease of climbing up and down the stairs without too much effort on their part.  There are many types and designs of chair lifts for stairs.  This includes: straight stair lifts, curved stair lifts and complex stair lifts.

Straight stairlifts provides increased safety and doesn’t sacrifice independence.  However it is not applicable to homes that don’t have straight staircase so it would be necessary to make use of a curved stair lift.

If your home has a curved staircase you might be faced on deciding whether to get a curved stair lift which is more costly than straight stair lift.  Curved stairlifts need to be custom fitted to the curve of your staircase.

Curved stair lifts do not have standard same to that of the straight stair lifts. Since there is no standard set for curved stair lift there is a need for the curved lift track to be custom made as well.  This would result to more costs on your part.  The installation is also time consuming since it is more complicated and needs to be done by a professional installation service.

Some disadvantage of curved stair lift is that it has low resale value due to the fact that each curved lift is unique.  However, you can search for curved stair lift resellers that sell old curved stair lift and manually reshape the stair lift to fit to your curved staircase.  They will reshape the metal track to fit to your staircase.  But make sure that the quality of your track won’t be weakened by the reshaping.  Be cautious in choosing old curved stair lift.

Buying a used curved stair lift can be beneficial and money saving if it is of good quality.  Make sure it is safe and suitable to use.  Do not compromise quality over price.

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