Why is My Bum Hole Itchy?

Have you ever been in an awkward situation when your bum hole itches and you are in a public place? That’s a very tough situation to be in. Nobody wants to be found scratching their bum out in public or even in private. So you might ask, “Why is my bum hole itchy?”

There are various reasons why your bum hole may be itch. One obvious reason is poor hygiene. When you defecate, you may not have properly cleaned up afterward, leaving dried feces stuck up inside your anus. Poor hygiene can also lead to build up of scaled skin cells, dust, and sweat. And all of these can make anyone’s bum hole itch. So, be sure to wash your bum hole properly, especially after defecating. You may also use wet wipes for sensitive anus.

Another reason for having itchy bum holes is dry skin. Dry skin easily leads to scaled skin cells. This is especially common to old people who are very fond of having hot baths. A solution to this problem would be to avoid using hot water when taking a bath. Moisturizing creams, like glycerine, would help keep your skin from drying up.

The itch may also be due to the food you eat. Spicy foods are one of the most notorious bum-hole-itch-causing foods. Other types of food you should avoid or watch out for are caffeinated drinks and foods, beer, carbonated beverages, wine, fig, prunes, milk and milk products, popcorn, nuts, chocolate, citrus foods, and tomatoes all causes of anal itch. In some cases, the irritation is simply due to food allergies.

Another common cause bum hole itch is friction. When your anus is scratched or is rubbed against your clothing, this irritates the skin. Scratching aggravates the existing itch and sometimes even creates the itch. This is a good reason to keep your hands from scratching your bum hole when it itches.

If the itch is inside the anus itself, then most likely, you have parasitic worms inside you. Worm infections cause itching at night. This is when the mothers lay their eggs. A solution to this problem would be to take showers in the morning to wash off the eggs and avoid the reproduction of worms. Don’t wash at night as this encourages the female worms to lay more eggs. You will have to visit your doctor to get a prescription for your worms.

Yeast infection is also a probable cause of itchy bottom. The anus area is conducive for the build of yeast. But don’t worry; there are various creams and remedies for yeast infection or thrush.

There really are quite a number of plausible causes for having itchy bum holes. They range from complex infections to things as common as poor hygiene.

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