Why is It Important to Know Your Family Medical History?

Fill ing up a family medical history is a very tasking job. It’s tiring having to know whether or not you have any relative who have or had cancer, stroke, heart attack, allergies, and other diseases and conditions. Why is it important to know your family medical history? Why do we have to fill up those long forms answering whether or not someone from our family had any type of medical condition? Why is knowing your medical family pedigree necessary ?

When you are born, you get certain genes from your parents. Half comes from your mother; the other half comes from your father. These genes determine how you look, how your hair grows, the color of your eyes, the shape of your nose, how tall you are going to be, even how smart you are. But the things you inherit from your parents go far beyond the looks and certain personalities. The genes you get from your parents can also give you some medical conditions and higher risks of suffering from diseases. This is where your family medical history comes in.

Your family medical history, also known as medical family pedigree or tree, can be very useful in determining your health the risks imposed on it by certain diseases and conditions. It is also a great way of determining whether or not you will end up passing on your diseases and/or the genes that could lead to certain conditions on to your children.

If you know your medical family tree, your doctor can easily assess the risks or chances of you getting cancer or having a heart attack. When you know the risks, you can prepare for it. Your doctor can advise you on what changes to make on your diet and lifestyle. If suffering from heart attacks runs in your family, you can choose to improve on your diet and to exercise.

Knowing your family medical history is also helpful to point out possible conditions that would not have been considered earlier. Necessary diagnostic tests can readily administered as well as the type and frequency of screening tests can be noted when you know you family medical history.

Coming up with a family medical history is not only helpful for you. It would also greatly benefit your children, brothers, sisters, and other relatives. It won’t determine you future health, just the risks. But it would still greatly help you and your family prepare for a disease and to even avoid it.

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