Why Do We Dream about Certain People?

One of the most baffling things in the world is the human mind. It is capable of storing information and memories. It is also very much adept in processing and analyzing such pieces of information. Human mind can also create ideas and imagine things that have not been thought of or created before. And another intriguing thing about the human brain is our capacity to dream.

Why do we dream about certain people? We dream of a lot of things, animals, monsters, odd events. Sometimes we see people we have never met and at times people we have known for a long time. And people have long tried to explain these visions as we sleep. In some cultures, dreams are thought of as a sign from the gods. The things you see in your dream are also believed by many to mean something. Others think that dreams are a way of looking into the future. But what about the people in our dreams?

The thing about dreams is that they reflect our current emotions or thoughts about a particular situation. You may have noticed how a scary nightmare would wake you up in the middle of the night after you have seen a horror film. Or you may have noticed how work and worry seems to haunt you in your dreams when you have just put off a long overdue project.

The same thing goes when we dream about certain people. Our dreams reinforce the worries, thoughts, ad everything that we may feel towards the person in our dream. But do be careful in interpreting your dreams. If you dreamed of seeing your partner with another person that does not mean that your significant other is cheating on you. It may mean the other way around. You may be the one who’s actually cheating and your dream just reflects how you feel about your partner. You feel that you are cheating on your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse. Or it may only mean that you don’t fully trust your partner and you constantly feel like he or she is cheating on you.

There are a lot of theories on why human beings dream. Some say that dreams are an evolutionary way of developing responses to certain situations. Others think that dreams are a way of cleaning up your mind, removing memories and information you don’t need and retaining those that are necessary. And there are also those who suggest that dreams don’t really mean anything and are just some random firing of the unconscious mind. There are no real conclusions as to why people dream. Experts can’t fully agree as to what causes human beings to dream. So it’s very much safe to say that dreaming about certain people is just as difficult to explain like all other dreams. And various people have come up with various meanings for the things that we dream on. It’s really up to you on what you would believe in, if you would rather give meaning to the people and things you see in a dream or not.

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  1. Isabella says:

    i had this dream that i like a boy but i see him in my dreams what do i do?!

  2. Loriely Carrasco says:

    well mby if u really like tht boy thn u bttr make a move b4 its to late

  3. Jeny says:

    Well I have been having alot of dreams lately abouth the kid I like what can I do?

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