Why Do People Cut Themselves?

There are a lot of people who resort to cutting themselves due to several different reasons. Nowadays, self cutting is intentionally done by almost 1% of the total population of Americans. This includes habitual and deliberate causing of injuries or pain by means of cutting oneself. This is also considered an addiction, which is also classified as impulsive and repetitive. Other medical terms that can be used to describe this type of condition are self harm, self injury, self mutilation or even self abuse. But the question is why do people cut themselves?

Reasons behind self cutting

There are actually many factors that can cause a person to do self cutting. Below are some of the most common reasons why this particular act is being done not just in America, but as well as across the globe.

Cutting Disorder – this is actually one of the most common reasons why people tend to cut themselves. A cutting disorder is usually a result from severe depression where it is being done during the peak of one’s sorrow. Seeing themselves bleed reminds them that they are still capable of having feelings or emotions and are still very much alive.

A Way to Call for Help – cutting is considered by some people as a way to get the help of others. This act enables them to seek for someone who would take care for them and give them a reason to live or survive.

To Seek for Attention – Most people, especially the teens, cut themselves in order to get attention. Just like a call for help, self cutting also seeks for attention from other people in the hope that someone will look out for them. Most of these people who do self cutting would also want to place guilt to others just to make them feel bad about themselves.

To Gain Control – self cutting also allows to people to gain control over their lives as well as in others. This is one way for them to let others know that they are still in charge of something. Seeing the blood as well as feeling the pain allows them to see that they can still control one thing, which also plays as a positive reinforcement.

To Show Love – many people believe the cutting themselves or carving the name/s of their love one/s is a good way of showing heir care and affection. This also shows that no pain is able to surmount the love they have for the person. A lot of people also believe that self cutting is a very sweet and caring move or effort for the person.

Serve as a Prevention of Stress – Cutting is considered by some as an effective way to relieve stress since it causes the body to release chemicals called endorphins in order to ease up the stress and as well as the physical and emotional pain.

It is Pleasant in the Eyes – This may sound really crazy but some people are very attracted to how a cut looks on their body. Others may also find it very cool, which is why many submit themselves for tattooing.

Because They Feel they Deserve It – when some people feel guilty, they usually inflict pain or injury to themselves in order to compensate with their conscience or guilt after making a wrong decision or action. One of the usual things that they do is to do self cutting.

Loves the Feeling of Pain – Some people are in love with the feeling of pain. Some of the most common examples of this are the masochists. Cutting themselves can definitely cause them pain, which is something that they find pleasurable.

Due to Dissociative Identity Disorder – this is a type of disorder that involves having multiple personalities. This condition actually causes people to seek for a way in order to surpass all the problems and pa in that they are encountering and some of them find self-cutting to be one of the effective means in order to become relieved of all their stresses in life.

These are just some of the common reasons as to why some people cut themselves intentionally. Some of the reasons may sound very absurd and ridiculous, but the truth is, there are already many people suffering because these reasons.

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