Why aren’t you drinking Green Tea

Green Tea is one of those things that sounds too good to be true. On the one hand it is a miracle cure-all capable of helping fight everything from bad breath, through obesity, to cancer and on the other hand – well, its a cup of tea. Just like you’ve been drinking every day since your palate was sophisticated enough to appreciate the bitter infusion of tea leaves, hot water and milk – but then again its not.

If, like me you’ve learned to appreciate the benefits of a steaming mug of tetley, then you’ve got to stop and wonder why you haven’t then taken the next logical step and moved from that the benefits of green tea. You see your every day cup of tea is not so far removed from green tea. It comes from the same tea plant (Camillia Senensis), but the difference is in the fermentation. Green tea is the most natural form of tea, little post processing takes place once green tea is harvested other than to rinse and dry in the heat of the Asian sun. Black tea on the other hand goes through a process called oxidization; which effectively removes everything that is beneficial about tea for the sake of subtly different flavours.

Indeed for many the oxidisation provides provides subtly different flavours that add to the instant appeal of the drink; green tea is something of an acquired taste. For me its a taste I have happily acquired; the stumbling block was drinking tea without milk, but again it does not take long to get into that habit and if the anecdotal and indeed scientific evidence is to be believed then I will now live a long and health life; remain eternally young and never have to worry if my bum looks big in this again.


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