Why Am I Always So Hungry?

Chronic hunger is most likely the sign of a serious problem – not in the sense that you are sick, but that if you don’t find out the cause, you could very likely end up with a serious condition. At the very least, it probably means that you are not getting the nutrients and vitamins that your body needs in the food that you are eating, and you need to revise part of your diet soon. At its worst, it could be a case of acid reflux that is not giving a burning sensation, or it could even mean that you are having trouble digesting. Whatever the case, you need to know the answer: why am i hungry all the time?

You may be hungry because you are not getting the nutrition you need from food. This can be a cause for concern, particularly in American diets, as much of American food is heavily carbohydrate based – these carbs are fine to eat, but they result in your feeling fuller right away, and getting hungry again soon after. Try increasing the amount of protein that you eat, or add more vegetables to your diet. Spinach in particular is rich in nutrients.

Hopefully this helps, because if it doesn’t, you may have a more serious medical condition. The more mild one would be acid reflux, which, if mild, feels very similar to hunger and can be easily mistaken for it. A more serious potential problem would be that your body is not digesting the way it should. If you notice undigested food in your stool for a length of time, you may want to see your doctor.

Chronic hunger is quite possibly a sign of something more serious. The sooner you get it diagnosed, the better. It’s essential that you get the nutrition you need.

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