Whiplash – Is Improper Infrastructure the Bottle Neck

With the economical growth, the automobile sector has faced a considerable growth too, which has in turn led to the increase in traffic in spite of the expansion of highways and flyovers all over. This diversity of the automobiles has only increased the increased contamination of the environment, which is slowly producing hazardous effects to our earth.

The swell in the traffic has given rise to chaos and accidents on roads. Most of the accidents, minor or major, have been whiplash injuries. These whiplash injury symptoms, which are mainly of the neck, could be minor or major and may or may not show up at once. Some of the whiplash injuries are immediately identified whereas; others might show up at a later stage on other occasions causing stress to the neck region.

The whiplash injuries  can be avoided by certain measures like careful driving and appropriate positioning of the seats. However, it is unavoidable when there is a jerk caused from the rear end of the vehicle. At times, a rough road structure could also cause these injuries. With a careful driving at the right speed, you may avoid these.

It is believed that some of the whiplash compensations at times are as high as a cost of an urban infrastructure. It seems to be an exaggerated statistic in order to catch eye balls.   Yet, it is startling even to think of a 20% compensation of such huge amount. It is recommended that you thoroughly investigate the possible  whiplash payout rolling around.

Recent surveys however, have shown that the death rates are lesser than the number of injuries. The cause could be the exaggerated traffic on the road, which indirectly influences the speed of vehicles. This could be the reason for the decrease in the brutality of accidents and hence the death rates.

Though the reasons are unpredictable the only option we have is to wait and watch.

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