Which Water Bottles Are Safe?

You think that drinking more water is good for your health.  You are concerned about the environment, so you stop buying all those plastic disposable water bottles and then the news reports that those hard plastic refillable water bottles are releasing BPA into your water.  While all of us deal with poisons in degrees, if you are supplying water for children or babies you will want to take this issue very seriously.  You can provide safer drinking water for your family by replacing that plastic bottle with a stainless steel water bottle.

Disposable water bottles are probably the most common of all.  In addition to filling our landfills and roadsides at an alarming rate, they are not safe for long-term storage of water.  This is the same type of plastic that is used for soda and many juices.  They are sold everywhere, including convenience stores, gas stations and grocery stores.

These bottles are not safe because they are made from PET or polyethylene terephthalate.  While the plastic itself may not be harmful, it does break down over time and leaches DEHP into the liquid it contains.  DEHP has been linked to cancer and consumption of the product may lead to cancer in your body.

If a bottle is reused to save money, you can get an even larger dose of DEHP.  In addition, many people who reuse the bottles assume that they are clean and simply refill repeatedly.  Bacteria are breeding in the small cracks of the bottle making them unsafe for reuse.

Athletes often use a soft plastic bottle made of polycarbonate.  Many baby bottles are made of the same material.  These bottles are some of the most likely to leach out the chemical called BPA.

While glass water bottles are relatively inert, they have the problem of breaking.  They are also very heavy.  That is why soda manufacturers changed to plastic a few years ago.  Less breakage means less product lost.  Less weight means lower shipping costs.

Is there a safe water bottle that resists breakage?  Yes, those made of stainless steel are also inert like glass but do not break if dropped.  You will want to avoid dropping the stainless bottle because they can dent, but they do not break.  Most are made of relatively lightweight metal, so they are not as heavy as glass but are much stronger.  Use a purification system in your home and fill your stainless steel water bottle with your own safe water.  It will remain safe until it is consumed.

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