When Is a Good Time To Cleanse From Alcohol

If you are worried that you may have problems with alcohol dependence, you may want to consider undergoing an alcohol detox treatment. Alcohol detoxification is the process whereby you stop drinking alcohol completely in order to allow your body to eliminate all the toxins that are a by-product of alcohol.

This is done usually under medical supervision, and in a controlled way as opposed to going “Cold Turkey” where you suddenly stop drinking any alcohol.  If you are not sure whether or not you have a problem with alcohol, there are a few tell tale signs. Typically, someone who has problems tends to drink their drinks very quickly as opposed to sipping on them.  They also tend to turn to alcohol whenever they are feeling stressed or depressed, and ‘have a few drinks’.

People with alcohol problems will often drink on their own, as opposed to a social drinker who only drinks in the company of others. Other more serious symptoms include bouts of memory loss while drinking alcohol and an increasing amount of alcohol being consumed at one sitting, over time.  Also, a person with an alcohol problem will often have arguments with their spouse or friends, who will try to discourage them from drinking. When this happens, they frequently begin to hide their drinking from their family and friends.

If more than three of those signs describe you, then you should consider the very real possibility that you do have a problem with alcohol. If that is the case, the best way to overcome this is by undergoing an alcohol detox program. Before going ahead with this, you should counsel with your medical practitioner and let him know what you are planning.  He will be able to help with support, medication if it is needed, and will also be able to check to see that you are physically able to handle the detox.

You may want to detox at home. It certainly is a lot more private, and if you do not have a serious problem you should be able to do this. Your doctor will ask you questions about your drinking that will help him or her determine if you are a good candidate for a home detox. He will ask how long you have been drinking, what type of alcohol you drink and whether or not you are dependent on any other drugs. He will also assess your fitness level, and base his decision on these things. If you are at risk it will be recommended that you undergo your detox treatment at a clinic, where you can be monitored closely.

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