When Are You the most Fertile?

Have you always wanted to know when are you fertile the most? The truth is, this would only occur more than just a single day in any given month. Why is this so? This is mainly because your egg would usually make its way through your fallopian tubes and then to your uterus for at least three days. On the other hand, the man’s sperm has a life span of at least 24 to 72 hours. For this reason, you are most fertile five days towards and after your ovulation period. This means that it would take another 10-19 days before your period comes back. In order for you to find out when you are most fertile, you can use an ovulation calculator and create a fertility calendar to be able to monitor this.

The question is; “When is the best time to copulate?” The best answer to this is on or during your ovulation period. Although some experts advice women to count 14 days from the start of the cycle, this does not hold true for all. In order to make sure that you really hit the days when you are most fertile, you can engage in sexual activity during the 10th, 12th, 14th and 16th day of your cycle. Bear in mind that it is better not to have sex everyday to ensure that there is enough sperm in your system to complete the task. Do not practice the everyday sex method.

What is ideal is to have at least 2-5 days of abstinence period within ejaculations. Doing so can help ensure that your partner gets a good sperm count and sperm mobility. Another good tip that you can use to get a huge possibility of getting pregnant is to refrain from using any lubricants or douches before intercourse. To help you keep track of your ovulation period, there are ovulation predictor kits now available for sale on the market which can help forecast the days and aid in determining when are you fertile the most. You can purchase these kits in your nearby drug store. They are easy and safe to use. You can even use them at home. Doing this is a safe bet before going and taking infertility drugs for women. this may be the last choice for you. So make sure and exhaust all your options before that.

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