Wheelchair Information and Facts

Wheelchairs are quite a blessing for those whose mobility is impaired as with these wheelchairs the disabled gain the ability to move around. There are various kinds of wheelchairs that are present in malls, airports and other public places. While some of these are available free of charge, you will perhaps need to provide some sort of identification. You can get a number of wheelchairs where the type varies based on the function it is supposed to perform. Some of the wheelchairs are specially meant for people with severe paralysis and allow control from any part of the body. In power chairs, it is possible to control the movement of the chair with a mouthpiece. In any case a lightweight manual chair is the most common kind of wheelchair.

Those who want wheelchairs with a tight and small turning radius can use wheelchairs that are motorized. Some of these can also be tailor made to specifications by adding reclining footrests, seats and legs, power stands and spring suspension on addition to tilting facility. In addition these are also available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The versatility and utility of wheelchairs arises from the fact that these increase the mobility of people who have temporary or permanent disabilities. While the most basic forms have just a set of wheels, with time, these have got developed to include a number of accessories (even some with a cup holder) that have made these wheelchairs quite comfortable to use too. You can also get electric powered wheelchairs for use.

The changes in wheelchairs are quite phenomenal. Gone are the days when these used to be manual. Now you have electric powered ones which have so many alluring accessories that are able to cerate snazzy looking chairs which younger people prefer. Wheelchairs are used not only by people with paralysis, but by those younger folks who need help with walking.

Wheelchairs are effective mobility equipments which are seen to help with day to day tasks. Things as simple as moving out of bed can be assisted by a wheelchair and these not only provide assistance to disabled people to move, but also help health professionals in helping such people and making their life a bit easier.

Most disabled people would like a measure of independence. They would want to get around by traveling alone, which is why lighter wheelchairs are much in vogue. People, who have to walk long corridors, move towards the airplane departure gate or such tasks, could face a lot of problems even if they are only partially impaired.

Materials used in making lightweight wheelchairs include titanium, aluminum, chrome and also carbon fiber. These have evolved quite a lot recently and prices have gone down drastically. These also have a lot of options in terms of wheelchair accessories, arm and back rests, casters and seats too. It is quite amazing that many wheelchairs now weigh less than 10 kgs and are fully functional.

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