What is the cause of liver pain?

Wh at body p art hurts when you have a problem with your liver? What is the cause of liver pain? There is only one cause of pain or a whole range of possible causes?
Although liver pain is most common to notice in your belly, every patient feels pain in his own way and not always in the same body region.

Pain in the liver occurs in various parts, but always below the chest. In some people the pain is causing discomfort, pain in the shoulder and unpleasant breath. Other patients say the pain is strong and always present. Some other people feel pain when you press various branches of the lower part of your ribs.

Patients also complain about some body parts are a bit swollen  Liver pain can result with problems the liver and problems with other parts of the body such as blood vessels, bladder…

When you feel pain in different parts of your body, the most common cause is that only liver is damaged. In this case, it is almost always some kind of liver infection.
If the pain you feel comes not from liver then it can mean that the stone caused the problems and disturbances in the biliary tract. Pain that is associated with biliary tract occurs suddenly and usually lasts a few hours.

Pain occurs at the point between the shoulder blades and can be extended to the shoulder. Pain related to the liver bile will generally occur after eating a very fatty meal.

In addition to these causes of pain there are other causes of problems and pain, they are often inflamed bile channel, then gallbladder disease, diseases such as hepatitis and liver abscess. The cause of pain can sometimes be a cyst of the liver. Certain medications ease pain and can be quite effective in eliminating the pain of the liver.

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