What is in Cellulite Treatment Creams?

Do cellulite treatment creams really work?  Some actually do work.  When choosing a cellulite treatment cream, make sure you look at the ingredients.  Also, talk to your doctor for advice on what cellulite creams have worked on former patients.  Your doctor may even be able to prescribe a stronger cellulite treatment cream that is not sold over-the-counter.

Active Ingredients
Active ingredients in cellulite treatment creams work to tone and tighten the skin; boost fat metabolism to help diminish cellulite; and help diminish fluid retention.  Look for creams that contain one or more of the following ingredients.

Caffeine is a main ingredient in cellulite treatment creams.  Caffeine reduces the subcutaneous fluid.  This is a layer of fat directly below the skin that contains a mesh-like fibrous connective tissue called septae.  Septae has compartments that hold fat cells that are tightly packed and provide insulation and support for the body.   Cellulite is formed when the subcutaneous fat cells are pushed to the top and the septae is pushed to the bottom, causing the fat cells to be squeezed into small bulges creating dimples in the skin, known as cellulite or “cottage cheese.”  When caffeine is applied to the area, it increases blood flow, which in turn releases toxins and fluid from the cells, which helps the cells remain tightly packed and reduces cellulite.

Glaucine is found in many effective creams, such as RevitaShape and Cellulite MD, both known to work very well.  Glaucine dissolves fat by reducing swelling and bloating in the affected area, which relieves the pressure on the skin.  This helps to prevent new fat cells from forming.

Retinol A comes from Vitamin A and helps to smooth and tone the skin.  This ingredient helps to improve skin elasticity.

Shea butter helps to nourish and heal skin.  This product moisturizes, softens and firms the skin.

Algae penetrate the skin and releases toxins that are trapped in the fat cells.  Algae are known to assist in collagen production.

Herbal extracts help with detoxification of the skin.

L-Carnitine decreases the number of fat cells and speeds up the body’s metabolic rate.

There are a lot of cellulite treatment creams on the market today and each cream has its own list of ingredients.  This is a basic list of how certain ingredients help with cellulite treatment.  If you find an ingredient on a cream, research what that ingredient is and why it might help with cellulite.

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