What is Acai Berry Extract?

Acai berry extract comes from the acai berry, which in turn, comes from the acai palm, which is a slender palm tree. It is a fruit that is small and round—much like other fruits and grows in the rain forests of Brazilian Amazon. Acai berry has been found to be a very healthy alternative to real fruit. This unique berry is popular today because it is nutritious, been found to pack a punch when it comes to giving strength and vitality to one’s life and is currently being used to help with weight loss issues, cleanse colons, fight aging, help those who are depressed and several other health-related issues. Central Americans have been using acai berries for years to help cure and prevent indigestion and other health issues.

In addition, it is interesting to note for those who are concerned about their skin, that the acai berry extract, with its rich antioxidants, helps greatly to reduce damage to one’s skin.

The ingredients that make this fruit so nutritious are: fatty acids, antioxidants, iron products, fibers, vitamins and amino acids. Acai berry is also rich in proteins and has as much calories as an egg. In addition, acai berry is rich in Vitamin B3 which plays a very important role in producing cellular energy for the body.

What is acai extract? It is known to many as acai berry powder, it has different nutritional value, due to its processing method. According to those who know, there are two methods to get acai berry in its purest form: powder-spray dried acai and freeze dried acai.

Why is this unique berry so nutritious and good for us? Simple; acai berries are loaded with vitamins and minerals that offer better health and wellness to all who choose it. Acai berries have a high content of omega that keeps your heart healthier and it also helps to provide a good night’s sleep.

Pure acai offers a strong dose of antioxidants that helps to keep cancer-causing radicals away from you. Acai is also helpful to your digestive system and has high protein value and has been found to help lower cholesterol levels. Some research has shown that acai berry extract has much more antioxidant power than red grapes or red wine.

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