What does the Right Side of the Brain Control?

People have various strengths and abilities. Some people are great at mathematical concepts. They are able to understand and comprehend scientific theories. Others excel in the arts. They work well in expressing themselves through drawings, paintings, sculptures, and the languages. There are also those who are talented musicians, dancers, and actors, while some others are devoted to solving puzzles and math problems and analyzing chemical substances. All of these different things that people become good at or interested in depend on how one uses his/her brain.

The brain is divided into two. If you look at a model or an image of the brain, you can see that it looks symmetrical. It is divided in half, the left side and the right side. It is said that how good you are at certain things actually depends on which side of the brain you use because the two sides have different functions. And if you are visually creative or into the arts, you are most likely using the right side of your brain more than the left side. But what does the right side of the brain control?

What is Controlled by the Right side of the Brain?

The right and left hemispheres of the brain work oppositely. The right side of the brain controls the left side of your body. And the left hemisphere controls the right side of your body. Not only are the muscles in your body controlled in this manner, but also your senses. Sensory information from the left side of the body is sent to the right side of the brain and the information from the right side of the body is sent to the left side of the brain.

As stated earlier, your abilities and strengths depend on which side of the brain you use more. People who use the right side of their brain more than their left hemisphere have high spatial abilities. They are also good in face recognition, visual imagery, and music. These are all because of the functions of the right side of the brain.

Functions of the right hemisphere of the brain other than controlling the left side of the body include: knowing body position, putting pieces of information together to build a whole picture, understanding and remembering the things we see and do, and judging the position or location of things in space. And this is why people with a dominant right hemisphere are good visual imagery and spatial perception.

Other functions of the right brain are use of feelings, imagination, symbols, and images. People with a dominant right brain tend to be believers and risk takers. They think about the present and future more than they do of the past. They present possibilities and can get the meaning of things. Their thoughts trail on fantasy, philosophy, and religion. They are also more keen on seeing the whole picture rather than look into the details. In general, people who are right-brain dominant are thought of as creative people.

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