What Causes Gout?

If you’ve ever had gout before you know it can be excruciatingly painful.  One of the first things people who are having an acute attack do is look for quick ways to get rid of it.  This disease is very difficult to get rid of quickly, but it is important to get over it as soon as you can so you can focus on the best course of action, what causes gout in the first place.  If you can figure out what causes it, then you can go to work on prevention.

So, What causes this painful arthritic condition?  Gout is caused when too much uric acid in the body becomes crystal-like and settles in the joints, causing damage.  The body tries to fix this damage and inflammation occurs.  The inflammation causes intense pain, along with the crystals grinding on the affected joint.

How does uric acid get out of control?  The medical condition for this is labeled hyperuricemia and usually happens because for one of two reasons.  The first reason is when a person eats too many high purine foods in their diet.  These purines naturally break down into uric acid in the body.  If you have too many, they overwhelm the renal system’s ability to properly flush them out of the body and the extra acid crystallizes.

The second reason for this is when a person’s kidney’s do not function at their peak efficiency and even though the person does not have a high uric acid level, their body cannot get rid of what they do have.  This problem will also cause an acute gout attack.

The only way to know which type of hyperuricemia a person has is to go to a doctor and have them perform a blood test.  The blood test should be able to determine which problem a person has.  This will help the doctor decide which gout treatments will be most effective for the patient.

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