What Can A Good Multivitamin Do For You?

You probably know a few people who take vitamins every day. Perhaps you are wondering if it actually does anything for them. Are they healthier? Do they feel better? The effects may not be terribly obvious but there are plenty of great reasons to take multivitamins.

The top reason most people say they take vitamins is to be healthy. People who take multivitamins are overall less susceptible to colds thanks to the Vitamin C. Most multivitamins contain calcium which is essential for bone health, particularly in women. B Vitamins protect the nervous system as well as the heart. Right now there is an epidemic of Vitamin D deficiency which leads to all sorts of medical problems. This is easily solved by taking multivitamins with Vitamin D.

Vitamins can also help with your appearance. They are good for your skin as well as your nails and hair. In fact, vitamins can help increase hair growth. There is a lot of useful information on this subject at the Vitamins for Hair Loss Guide. The B vitamins and Vitamin E are the top choices when it comes to healthy hair. In addition to boosting circulation to the scalp, which helps hair grow, they have a similar effect on eyelash and eyebrow growth.

Skeptics argue that all of these vitamins can be found in food and that is true. However, most people don’t consume a diet that is varied enough to cover all the bases. Vegetarians in particular should take vitamins to make up for the nutrients they are missing out on by not eating meat. Women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant need a lot of folic acid- way more than most women typically eat in a day- to prevent birth defects.

If you’re not sure about taking vitamins, it is a good idea to discuss it with your doctor. Each individual case varies depending on medical conditions and other circumstances. Certain vitamins might interfere with some medications so it’s especially important to consult a doctor before starting vitamins if you take any other medication. Pregnant women need certain formulations as well. For example, too much Vitamin A can be harmful to a fetus. It’s always best to get a doctor’s advice when it comes to vitamins.

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