What are the Chances of Getting Pregnant from Precum?

There are various methods of preventing oneself from getting pregnant. These are what we call contraceptives. One of the methods a lot of couples, especially the young, use is the withdrawal method. The withdrawal method is where the guy withdraws or pulls his penis out of the woman’s vagina right before he cums or ejaculates. The problem with this method is that it is not highly effective in preventing conception. This is because of a fluid that we call precum or pre-ejaculate. So, what are the chances of getting pregnant from precum?


Precum or pre-ejaculate is the fluid that is secreted by the male genital during sexual intercourse or when the man is sexually aroused. This fluid is also called pre-seminal fluid and is produced by the bulbourethral gland. This fluid does not contain any sperms. The main function of this fluid is to clear up the path traveled by the sperms. It neutralizes the acidic nature in the woman’s vagina to make it more suitable for the sperms cells. The precum also lubricates the urethra to make the passing of the sperm smoother.

What are the chances of conceiving from precum ?

The precum does not contain any sperm cells. But it can pick up sperm cells along the way. And the sperm cells can be carried all the way into the female genital and reach the egg. Based on this, there is a chance of getting pregnant from precum.

However, the chances of conceiving from precum are very slim. A regular ejaculation could release millions of sperm cells. A precum could carry along with it only a few thousand or even less. Most sperms cells are not able to survive the acidic nature in the female reproductive system. And with less sperms, there is less chance that a sperm would be able to reach the egg and fertilize it.

If the man ejaculated prior to the sexual intercourse, there is a good chance that there are quite a number of sperms stuck on along the urethra. This would increase the chances of getting pregnant. Sperm cells can live for 3 to 4 days in the man’s urethra. And so any sexual intercourse within this time may have precum that carries sperms. And this is why people advise that the guy urinates after ejaculation and before entering the vagina. The urine will be able to carry out the sperms that may be left in the urethra by the previous orgasm. If this is done, then the chances of the precum carrying sperms into the vagina are less. Thus, there is less chance of getting pregnant.

There are also other factors to consider. One is the time that the sexual intercourse took place. The woman must be ovulating for the egg to get fertilized. But determining when the woman is most fertile is difficult for those with irregular cycles.

Nonetheless, there is still a chance of getting pregnant from precum. A chance is still a chance. Sometimes all you need is one chance to make something happen. And there are women who have been impregnated from precum.

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