What Are Stress Headaches

You might be experiencing some headaches that might be proving too hard to bear. Most likely, these headaches are due to reasons related to stress and as a result are referred to as stress headaches. These headache types are also referred to as tension headaches. These types of headaches can be aptly categorized into chronic basis and episodic basis. Episodic basis headaches are those headaches that have a tendency of occurring more than 15 times or days in a month while chronic basis headaches tend to occur more than 15 times in a month. These headaches might even occur on a daily basis. The symptoms associated with this disorder are many and varied and they can cause a lot of unpleasant side effects.

Some of the symptoms that have been associated with this kind of headache include a certain kind of pain that originates from the upper neck and at the lower back of the head which can also be said to be a kind of pressure or even a band like tightness. Patients also tend to suffer from pressure bouts at the lower back of the head which then transforms to some excruciating pain which is manifest at the eyebrows. The headaches are not disabling and in some instances can be classified as being insignificant although they affect the individuals head on both sides. Despite this, the patient is still able to conduct day to day business.

According to several research reports that have been published by experts in the medical world, some of the factors that are responsible for this type of a headache include emotional as well as physical stress. Physical stress may be in the form of related to inferior working ergonomics or prolonged labor while emotional stress is related to one’s emotional state. His condition can be managed by aspirin, ibuprofen as well as signing up for stress management forums.

Chronic headaches are another form of headaches that can result in the total breakdown of a person’s normal life. This condition is not limited to adults only as there has been documented cases where babies and toddlers have also been affected but have not able to effectively what is causing them discomfort. People who have intolerance to certain foods tend to suffer from this condition. It might also be caused by food preservatives, food additives, food colors, dehydration and some serious internal problems like internal tumors. Keep yourself hydrated and avoid eating foods that may lead to these headaches.

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