Several Different Weight Loss Diets Compared

The Nutrisystem diet consists of prepackaged portioned meals available for both sexes. There are four different categories; basic, silver, diabetic, and vegetarian. The basic Nutrisystem diet is for the average person without any special dietary needs. The silver meal package includes meals designed to be most beneficial for more mature men and women. The diabetic Nutrisystem meal package are meals designed specifically for diabetics and the vegetarian is, of course, for the dieters that choose to not consume any meat. Nutrisystem is very popular and their prices are lower than most other prepackaged diet plans. Nutrisystem recommends that some exercise is done in order to maximize the effects of the diet plan.

Another popular diet plan is Jillian’s Diet Plan. Jillian Michaels is the trainer on the immensely popular television show The Biggest Loser. There is an online program that includes hundreds of healthy recipes as well as more than 150 different exercises that can be printed out and used as part of your diet plan. Jillian’s philosophy on weight loss includes finding emotional support and much more commitment than just reducing the amount of calories or carbohydrates you are taking in. Exercise and finding others to support you throughout the program are highly emphasized.

Another diet with a high popularity rating is the Medifast diet. The Medifast plan is to eat six small portioned meals per day. These include any five of your choice out of 70 different meals and one lean and green meal. The lean and green meal can be enjoyed anytime; as a meal, or between meals. There are also Flavor Infusers available. These are packaged like kool aid or instant powder drinks. Meant to be mixed with water, there are two kinds with two effects. One boosts metabolism and the other contains antioxidants. There is a variety of flavors for each kind of Flavor Infuser. There are also separate plans for men, women, and diabetics available with the Medifast program.

The Health and Fitness Connection recommends that you take care when choosing a proprietary diet plan to ensure that you maintain a healthy balance of nutrients in your diet, especially if you are using weight loss patches at the same time.

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