Why is Wavefront Lasik More Expensive?

If you have been performing research on vision correction procedures, you will quickly notice that the majority of people recommend Lasik.  While Lasik is very good at correcting vision problems, a more refined version of the procedure, which is called Wavefront Lasik, has been developed recently that has an even higher rate of success at correcting people vision problems.

Wavefront Lasik differs from the other Lasik methods in the fact that the machine will scan the patient’s eyes and develop a three dimensional map that shows any aberrations.  This rendering is so accurate that it often identifies imperfections that an experienced eye doctor would have overlooked.

So now that we know how the procedure works, why is it more expensive than other Lasik techniques?   There are three reasons why.

First, whether you realize it or not, your eye surgeon is obligated to pay a royalty fee each time he or she uses the Wavefront Lasik machine.   This is one of the ways that the Wavefront Lasik machine manufacturer can be assured of obtaining a profit while still being able to cover their Research and Development costs.  Of course, the eye surgeon will past this royalty bill onto to the patient.

The second reason this procedure costs more is that it is a new technology.  As with most new devices with computing technology, the eye surgeon has to pay more for it than they would be an older, less powerful machine.

Lastly, the largest portion of the cost of Lasik is the eye surgeon’s time.  One of the advantages of this procedure is the fact that your eye surgeon will provide you with an individualized vision correction plan.  In order to get this individualized plan, it takes the surgeon longer than it would with the other Lasik techniques.

As you can see, the three factors of using a new technology, having to pay a royalty fee, and spending more time with the eye surgeon has led to an increase in the cost of Wavefront Lasik.  While you may not want to pay the difference between Wavefront Lasik and traditional Lasik, you can feel assured that with Wavefront Lasik, you truly are getting individualized vision care.

If you have any further questions about Lasik, please visit the Lasik Dallas Guide.

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