Vitamin B12 Injections Side Effects and Benefits

Vitamin B12 injections are usually given by doctors as a treatment for people suffering from a B12 deficiency. A lot has been said over that, and I would like to discuss that in th is article.

Vitamin B12 injections have been around for quite a while. B12 is a vitamin used by our body to perform tasks such as red blood cells formation, tissue growth, DNA replication, nerve cells protection and reducing the Homocysteine levels as well.

For people that have problems absorbing vitamin b12, medical’s advice is usually taking B12 shots. a protein in the stomach called Intrinsic Factor is usually the cause of these problems.

Parasites eating your B12, or toxins destroying it, like cyanide from cigarettes, are most often the reasons of a vitamin b12 deficiency symptoms, so always make sure to check these out if symptoms show up.

Doctors often use this vitamin for other medical purposes as well, such as treating the notorious chronic fatigue syndrome.

The amount of vitamin B12 shots dosage differs. It depends on the age and mainly the levels of the deficiency being present on the patient. But it would be safe to say that the usual average amount given is around a few daily 2-3 thousand micrograms.

It is immensly important for you to undrestand the vitamin B12 injections side effects, as there are several. This is a painful intramuscular treatment, and can be very painful.

You would be the one to decide if vitamin b12 shots benefits outweigh their side effects:

Mild diarrhea
Light joint pain
Upset stomach
Weight Change (Loss/Gain)
Skin redness
Problems breathing or swallowing
Pain in the area of injection
Tingles in radical situations

It is really preferred if you get your needed daily dosage of B12 from food, as this is easily possible. If you have problems with absorbing this vitamin, consider intranasal treatments as well as injections.

Do not take vitamin B12 injections for weight loss. The answer is simple, you can get the EXACT same benefits from getting B12 from food or supplements. While it does not really cause you to lose weight, it speeds up your metabolism and gives you a boost of energy, which might lead you to do a workout and lose some cals.

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