Vasectomy Reversal Surgery– Recovery and Complications

A vasectomy reversal surgery is a common surgical operation that is done to reverse the effect of vasectomy surgery. Compared to regular vasectomy; a reversal one needs more recovery time. The reversal procedure itself can take four to five hours to complete. Some discomfort and pain is normal for first few days but they tend to disappear after one week or more. One can gradually return to normal life after four or five weeks but the actual recovery time varies from person to person and depends on a number of factors.

Some of these factors are: taking proper rest and follow all the instructions of doctors and take all the prescribed medicines regularly. First of all do not drive home yourself after the operation as it is advisable to arrange a cab to pick up you from the hospital. Another important thing is to strictly follow all the instructions of your doctor and take them seriously. Clearly understand all the instructions and if you have any confusion or query just ask the doctor and never shy away from asking any queries as it is very important to understand all the instruction for a successful and safe recovery.

After reaching home use ice packs liberally to soothe the scrotal area during the first week so as to minimize the swelling and pain. In addition, the anesthesia used during surgery usually have some side effects like headache, body aches, burn sensation and general weakness; so don’t take tension if you find symptoms any one of these. Contact your surgeon or doctor in case there is you have sudden fever, cold or severe pain. Do not take shower for one- two days after the surgery and remember to use only Luke warm water for bathing after next one week till you fully recovers. Do not try to do any such activity which can put undue pressure on the operated area and take proper rest.

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