Various Tea Diets: How Do They Work?

The buzz around various tea diets might lead some to believe it’s just another “quick-fix” dieting plan without any real benefits. But the benefits of tea have been known for over four thousand years of human history. Find out how you can start a tea diet and super charge your weight loss plan  today!

How It Works

Various tea diets focus around using green tea, black tea and oolong tea. These are teas that have naturally occurring caffeine. Caffeine gets our body’s internal fat-burning engine revved up. It also helps keep us alert and give us energy for exercise. These teas are also rich in antioxidants which help your body fight off impurities which can cause cancer and other ailments.

When To Drink

Like any diet, a tea diet is all about substitution – replacing unhealthy beverage choices with tea. If you are used to drinking coffee during the day, start by turning your coffee break into a tea break. It is best not to consume caffeinated tea later in the day since it may interfere with your sleep. Add lemon, ginseng or honey to enhance the flavor.

Alternative Forms

Drinking a hot brewed tea helps keep us full and fills the void of soda or coffee that we may be craving during a diet. However, if you don’t like drinking so much tea, you can also purchase concentrated pills that contain green tea or oolong tea extract. Green tea powders are also available to mix a cold drink instead of a warm tea.

The Role of Exercise

If you are looking to lose more than just a few pounds, you cannot reach this goal simply by using a tea diet. You’ll also need regular exercise – both weight training and cardiovascular exercise – in order to see dramatic results. A tea diet will help you maintain a high energy level needed for intense fitness training.

There are various tea diets that have proven successful for many. You may find that substituting coffee or soda for tea is just the boost you need to go the extra mile and see serious weight loss.

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