Untying Tubes—A Chance for another Angel

For years, you and your spouse may have controlled the increase of your children by having your tubes tied. But for some reason, you now want to have more children. You may be one of the ten to twenty percent of women who have undergone tubal ligation and want to reverse it. For a natural pregnancy, the sperm cells from the male must enter the uterus of the female where the egg cell, coming from the ovary and passing through the fallopian tube, is waiting for fertilization.    However, if the fallopian tubes are blocked, fertilization is prevented since the egg and sperm cells are being kept apart.

For those who are not familiar, a fallopian tube is a narrow tube that starts at the upper part of the uterus and ends right next to the ovary. This is about 10-12 cm in length. If you want to untie tubes, your fallopian tubes should at least have a length of 5 cm so that you have a great chance of conception after the procedure.    Tubal ligation is done in several ways, but tubal ligation that used clips or rings have a better chance of success for reversal.  If you want to untie tubes and would want to conceive, you have to be healthy, must be below forties and you have to have an active and partner in life.  Best results from this procedure may be produced if the tying was done ten years or less and only small parts of the tubes have been damaged.

Laparotomy using magnification and microsurgical techniques is the procedure that is done to untie tubes. This procedure is done by surgeons who specialize on such procedure.  The procedure for untying tubes is long that needs a microscope and minute materials.  And in order to confirm that he passageway in the fallopian tube is already opened, dye is injected.  After the procedure, patients are already discharged from the hospital the next day, but are required to take a rest and recovery for weeks.

This is really a procedure that would really change your life, and with the hope of an additional to the family. How much does it cost to get your tubes untied? This would depend on the policy of a surgeon or a hospital.

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