Types of Mobility Scooters for Senior Citizens

Thanks to the improved quality of lifestyle in America, the life expectancy of an average American has increased and we have more senior citizens than ever before in history. Senior citizens have a lot of difficulties in getting around since some of them are sick and highly dependent on others. Arthritis is a problem associated with age; and so is osteoporosis. Some of them have to move around using mobility scooters which are available in the market. These mobility scooters are designed to help them move around much faster and keep them safe. They are not only designed for the elderly but also for the handicapped. Depending on the lifestyle of the person needing a mobility scooter, there are different types to be used by a person who needs them. There is the travel mobility scooter, the heavy duty scooter and the four and three wheeled mobility scooters.

If you are considering buying a good mobility scooter for a senior citizen, who is heavy and is on the overweight side of life, you need the heavy duty scooter; and for the sake of keeping it stable and distributing the weight evenly, you might even want to consider the four wheeled one. If you are lighter than 500 pounds but are still in between 300 to 500 pounds in weight, the three wheel scooter might be the perfect fit for you. You want to make sure that it can move at a considerable speed. Most of them are able to pick up speed of up to 3 to 4 miles per hour. If you are more of an outdoors person and you like traveling, you might want to consider the types of tires that are on the mobility scooters. You want bigger and wider tires that will help you move around much more easily than other tires.

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