Treatment with Spinal Decompression Machines

For sufferers of lower back pain caused by a protruding or bulging disc, or herniated disc as it more commonly known, degenerated disc or sciatica all of which cause extremely debilitating pain in the lumbar region of the back to numerous sufferers, not only in the US but throughout the world, there is an alternative to open back surgery in the form of the DRX9000 Spinal Decompression Machine. This machine, in use at chiropractors can alleviate and rid you of that debilitating pain.

The back carries the burden of the whole body and with the pain caused by a ruptured disc one is not able to carry out the smallest of daily actions such as putting on ones shoes, or even stretching ones arms can cause the sharp spasm of back pain associated with a degenerated disc pressing on a nerve in the spine. This can impact on the quality of life of the sufferer and even oral medication or an injection does not keep it away for long. This is only a temporary solution to the pain.

Treatment for spinal decompression with the use of spinal decompression machines takes from 15 to 24 x 3 minute sessions. As the spine is stretched, pressure is used on the lumbar area, causing a vacuum thus correcting the alignment of the spine. More room is created for the intervertebral disc fragment to stop pressing against the nerve, and the pain is alleviated. With each DRX9000 treatment the pain lessens until eventually you are pain free.

Clinical tests on the DRX9000 Spinal Decompression machine for the relief and cure of all lumbar problems and specifically the pain caused by a herniated disc have been done in Japan with a success rate of seventy six percent. The Mayo Clinic’s Dr John Leslie’s studies on the safety and the effective way in which the DRX9000 cures and alleviates lumbar problems was 88% successful in patient’s undergoing and completing the full course of treatments. Moreover he found that the DRX9000 aids and increases the strength and height, due to the correct alignment, of the spine and vertebral discs.

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