Treating Panic Attacks With Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

A panic attack most probably occurs without any apparent source or cause that could lead you to such extreme levels of fear. The panic attacks are simply the antics your mind is playing. They are the results of your own thinking. So, it is best to treat your very mind in order to overcome panic attacks and panic disorder.

Very aptly defined, a panic attack is nothing but the anxiety sensations which your body experiences which are drastically misinterpreted by your brain with catastrophic implications of the same. Your mind leads you to think that you are in grave danger, when in actuality you are not, thereby adding to your anxiety, which augments your sensations leading to frightening thoughts. All these result into a cataclysmic effect, one that of a panic attack. The root of the problem here is the misunderstood and unnecessary belief of you being in danger. This panic results out of this belief, because that is the natural reaction to anything that might be life threatening. The problem can be averted at its root by simply mastering your beliefs and fear or panic.

This mastery can be achieved by treating your panic disorder or panic attacks with cognitive behavioral therapy. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) works towards changing your thinking and behavioral patterns, and is a very efficient technique to treat anxiety and the symptoms of panic attacks. CBT can be essentially divided into two separate elements viz. cognitive and behavior therapy.

Cognitive therapy involves monitoring and training the panic attack victims to read and process their thoughts, their thinking patterns and realize their folly of grossly misinterpreting the signals and events, which eventually result in the negative reactions which lead to your losing all control of your sensibilities, what we call as panic.

Behavior therapy treats your way of reacting to signals and impulses and the surrounding situations that lead to extreme anxiety. The aim is to separate the feeling or the event from the bodily reaction or symptom. Behavior therapy also targets to teach the patient how to relax mentally as well as physically.

In the process of these treatments, it is you who is treating yourself here. The doctors or the therapists are only guiding you to perform certain tasks. This way, by working on yourself, CBT is a great way of taking the reins of your condition into your own hands and the progress that you make towards improvement, will be therefore, permanent.

Today, CBT is a widely and popularly applied psychotherapy to treat people for anxiety and panic attack symptoms. It is given as a first-line treatment for panic disorders. With CBT, you can expect guaranteed improvement of about 80 percent, as long as the therapy is applied appropriately.

With CBT strategies, the patient is treated to overcome the extreme fears and coping with when the fear grips you. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is one of the best ways of treating and coping with panic attacks and disorders that we have today.

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