Top Tennis Wear Choices – Tennis Skorts

When you love to play tennis, nothing can keep you from the court. Whether it’s a friendly game between pals or a competitive match as part of a tournament, there’s nothing like the exhilaration of playing well. Part of being able to play well is having the right attire, both stylistically and practically, trying to run down long shots while wearing ill-fitting clothing is an invitation to disaster! Sportswear designers go to great lengths to design womens tennis skorts and ladies athletic shorts that not only fit well and flatter the wearer, but also wick away sweat and allow the body to breathe. A vigorous rally is not nearly as much fun when you are constantly tugging at your tennis skirt, so it is important to choose top quality clothing.

Nike is one of the foremost manufacturers of sports clothing such as womens tennis skorts and ladies athletic shorts. With advanced technology literally woven into the fabric, Nike clothing not only absorbs sweat, but it also moves with the body, providing the ultimate comfort fit that is still chic and stylish. Nike researchers are constantly working on the next big development in sport clothing, and you can count on your Nike tennis skirt or skort being both fashionable and comfortable. Adidas is also a major competitor in women’s fitness wear, and designs very fashion-forward lines that make a statement while still maintaining comfort and practicality. The iconic three-stripe image of Adidas is repeated throughout its clothing, making it one of the most recognizable logos in the fashion world.

Thanks to the advances in fabric technology as well as the infusion of high fashion into tennis clothing, women can be stylish and comfortable when she steps onto the court. Whether you prefer a traditional tennis skirt or the more modern twist on the skort, there is sure to be a style that fits your personal fashion, making you score big both on and off the court.

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