Top Natural Remedies for Nausea and Morning Sickness

Many of us may experience nausea, or the feeling as though we’re going to vomit, on occasi on. It may be due to stress, irritable bowel syndrome, another gastrointestinal disorder or of course, pregnancy.

One of the worst and most uncomfortable normal symptoms of pregnancy is the dreaded “morning sickness”. This is usually defined as the need to vomit or the urge to vomit shortly after awakening, especially during the first three months, or first trimester, of pregnancy. As many people know, or might guess, this always does not occur in the morning while you are pregnant. It can occur at any time of day and, fortunately, is often fleeting.

When it is particularly troublesome, although considered “normal”, there is a folk remedy or two that make those days easier and help the nausea to subside. First of all, an old remedy of eating of plain saltine crackers immediately upon awakening in the morning is still quite effective. It is advised to keep them on your nightstand, so as to be able to consume the salty, dry product before you even put your feet on the ground. It’s not fully understood why this helps, but it does. It is also helpful even if pregnancy is not the cause of your nausea. There is something about a bland, very dry, salty cracker that settles the stomach and the feelings of nausea. This cracker trick can also work later in the day if pregnancy related nausea suddenly overtakes you. Give yourself a quick break and never be without those saltines! They are indeed a life saver.

Another age old folk remedy for nausea is coke syrup. This can be obtained at any pharmacy. It is over the counter and as its name implies, is the same syrup that cola soda or pop is made from. Its ingestion has been known to quell common nausea. Sipping a coca-cola from a can or bottle may help also, but it would be better if it were left to go flat, as carbonation may not be settling to an already upset stomach.

A few other natural remedies for nausea include ginger capsules (or ginger tea, if you prefer). Sipping hot plain, weakish tea, without milk or sugar, of any type is often settling to a woozy belly. Ginger tea and capsules are more concentrated in ginger than ginger snap cookies or ginger ale. Again, with ginger ale, let it go flat first.

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