Top Fat Burning Foods

Any search on the internet or quick scan through a health book or magazine will undeniably give you some sort of  list of the top fat burning foods, but the problem is usually every list is different and incomplete. However, by stepping back and looking at the items on every list, its easy to determine that every item fits into one or more general categories of fat burning foods. These include high protein, low fat, high fiber, and nutrient rich foods.

For example, eggs are a great fat burning food to mix with a steady exercise routine due to its high protein content and wealth of vitamin B12. There have been concerns in the past about the high cholesterol from eggs, and if it is a worry, simply remove the yolk and you’ll still get the nutrients from the egg whites.

Another example of fat burning foods is whole grain wheat bread. Whole grain bread has not been processed and therefore does not have the processed carbs of regular bread (or the bad carbs). In addition it gives you the high amount of fiber and minerals that your body needs. This is even more important if you work out, as the body needs to be able to burn carbohydrates, otherwise you’ll feel slow and sluggish. This low carbohydrate energy drain can even become very dangerous if prolonged.

Some of the absolute best fat loss foods are simple lean cuts of meat as the protein helps to raise your body’s metabolism, and thus increasing caloric burn. The trick is making sure that the cut is lean and doesn’t include high amounts of saturated fats, but the incredibly high amounts of protein are great for burning fat and the added nutrients and minerals are essential for any body. A similar food with much less saturated fat is tuna and salmon, which boast Omega-3 fatty acids, a healthy fat that actually boosts the body’s immune system.

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