Tips to Prevent Back Problems in Kids

Everyone has probably been told by their parents at one time or another to sit up straight. Truly, th is advice is to be heeded now more than ever. Our kids are spending more time bent over in front of the computer and hunched over texting on their smart phones. When they are not doing that, they are playing on gaming consoles. It’s no wonder that chiropractors are seeing more and more kids have the spinal characteristics of the elderly.

However, parents, let’s not panic yet. If you see your kid exhibiting constant bad posture, why not set up an appointment with a chiropractor? Perhaps your kid needs a posture corrector or a back support brace to help with realignment. While that is a bandaid to the problem, it is a start to re-evaluating how one should live a healthy, balanced lifestyle that is active and not in front of various electronic devices.

However, let’s also be realistic here in that technology is an integral part of our everyday lives. Kids need computers to learn and do their homework. Kids also need phones for safety purposes. But, there are ways to use these devices that does not leave a negative impact on your health. Therefore, in addition to a chiropractor, consulting with an ergonomic specialist is also recommended.

An ergonomic specialist can teach you to find a computer desk that is both comfortable and functional for your family. He can also recommend alternatives to cell phones such as hands free devices so the head is not tilted when talking. And since we spend so much time sleeping, perhaps even new beds are in order to correct spine problems.

Although these suggestions to a better back might seem expensive, you cannot put a price on being healthy. Having back problems can lead to a lot of other health problems so as a parent, you might be wise to nip it in the bud before it progresses any further.

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