Tips to Fight Off the Effects of Acne

Acne is a skin disorder that is experienced by almost 90% of our young populace. It is caused by the skin’s over production of sebum or oil that blocks the pores resulting in skin inflammation and acne breakouts. As the body goes through maturity, the hormonal changes commonly associated with puberty further boosts the presence of this recurring skin disease.

The effects of acne differ from one person to another, depending on the individual’s ability to cope. Some of the most common effects of acne can be divided into the following:

Effects on Skin – Acne’s prolonged effects on the skin can include skin blemishes, inflammation and at its most severe, permanent scarring. Acne can ruin our skin’s natural make up and appeal, oftentimes it causes rough and scaly skin.

Effects on Social Behavior – People afflicted with acne often withdraw from the society. A person afflicted with acne is often the subject of ridicule among peers. It can heavily dampen one’s self esteem and bring about feelings of despair and self disgust. As acne targets the younger population, most of our teenagers become at risk from going through the stigma of living with acne. Acne can also potentially lead to depression as a result of the negative feelings brought about by being burdened with this skin condition.

As we realize how badly acne can take its toll on individuals, our market is responding through topical and oral medications to heal these breakouts, alternative medicine likewise has also been tapped by many in finding solutions for their acne problems.

Pharmaceutical Medications

A throng of ointments have been stacked in our health stores all claiming to treat acne. Some of the most common acne topical solutions contain tretinoin, retinoids and alpha hydroxy acids. Though they have been proven by science to effectively treat acne, certain chemicals may be harmful to some individuals with sensitive skin.

Herbal Medications

Another effective alternative to treating acne is through the use of herbal medicines. Hhome remedies for acne are now widely used as a safer and practical cure for acne. Aloe Vera, Tea tree oil, jojoba oil, dandelion, red clover and yellow dock. As they are all natural, herbal medications are proven safe and highly effective.
Aside from these medications, having a strong emotional support from family and friends can also help individuals with acne learn to cope better and rise up to combat this skin disorder.

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