Tips for the Prevention of Bleeding Hemorrhoids

Bleeding hemorrhoids affect many people every year. it’s a common condition, especially in America where eating habits tend to be less healthy than in other parts of the world. Before we discuss how to cure them, let’s first talk about how to prevent them.

First of all, not every case of bleeding hemorrhoids is avoidable. Pregnant women will often develop this condition due to extra weight and stress on the bowel area. For pregnant women who are experiencing the discomfort of bleeding hemorrhoids, there are some avenues for relief which will be covered shortly.

Prevention can only occur when a lifestyle change is made. Proper diet, exercise and changes in behavior can often stop the condition from occurring in the first place. Bleeding hemorrhoids develop when stress is placed on the bowels and the anus. Straining to pass stool due to constipation is the number one cause of hemorrhoids.

To prevent the straining, it’s important to eat a high fiber diet that includes 8 glasses of water per day. Americans do not drink enough water and it is a definite contributor to the hemorrhoid condition. Eating foods that contain fiber such as legumes, nuts, grains, cereal, fruit and vegetables promote a healthy colon which promotes easier passing of stools. The fiber adds bulk to the stool and the water adds moisture. These two characteristics are the prime factors in easy to pass stools.

Exercise daily. Go for a walk. Do a few lunges or simply run in place everyday. Getting things moving is an important part of passing stool without the need for straining. The more straining the more pressure and the more chance of bleeding hemorrhoids.

If you are currently experiencing bleeding hemorrhoids, be sure that the blood source is indeed hemorrhoids. Rectal bleeding can be a sign of a much more serious condition that needs medical intervention.  If you are quite sure the blood is from hemorrhoids, then the following suggestions may help to ease the discomfort and pain until the condition is healed.

Sitz baths several times per day in hot water that contains salt or baking soda will ease discomfort and keep the area clean without the need for excessive wiping which can aggravate the situation.  Tylenol or other non aspirin containing pain relievers. Aspirin can cause heavier bleeding and therefore should not be taken for bleeding hemorrhoids. Over the counter creams are available for hemorrhoids. Be sure to read instructions carefully.

If you are pregnant, check with your healthcare provider before taking or applying any type of medication. If you have tried these at home treatments and the condition is not improving within one week, please check with your doctor as he or she may suggest other treatments or medications.

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