Three Simple Health Tips

Those of us working towards a healthy body, and those of us that recently decide to work on having a healthy body will quickly find that the task can often be difficult. If part of your new year’s resolutions is to improve the health and well being of your body, chances are you are looking for somewhere to start as the task can be daunting. Here are three quick tips to get you started on body cleansing and health.

No More Fast Food

This one oddly enough is the hardest for most people to do, it becomes convenient and in this modern day, time is everything, and most of us only have 30 minutes for our lunch break. If you find that most of your fast food consumption is because of need to take a quick lunch and not having time in the morning to pack a lunch there are two simple solutions. The first is you plan and pack your lunch before you go to bed, because if you are anything like me you have a hard time waking up early enough just to shower and get dressed, let alone allowing time for you to make a lunch. It is really easy to make your meals the night before, they only thing I had trouble with was remembering to grab the bag in the morning.

The second solution only works if you have a freezer and a microwave at work. Most modern work places should have a place for you store and heat food, if they don’t you might want to consider a job change. What you can do if you think making your lunch the night before isn’t your bag is buy frozen meals. The problem with this though, is that most frozen meals are no better than eating fast food. So you will need to make sure you have a whole foods or similar health food store nearby and get your frozen meals form there, they should be free of hydronaged oils and artificial colors and flavors. I definitely recommend the Amy’s Kitchen bowls, they are cheap and healthy

Drink More Juice and Water

Most of us are drinking soda, because it is readily available almost everywhere. Simply making the switch to a real fruit juice, or just simply replacing the soda with a sparkling water will reduce the amount of daily sugar intake by half for most Americans. Water is especially important because it helps your body repair damages cells and process and flush toxins from your body.

Just Walk More

Just walk more; walking is low impact exerc ise that can drastically improve your health. Simple things have been shown to have huge long term gains, such as taking the stairs instead of elevators. Walking around your neighborhood after dinner for 20 minutes can also have huge health gains overtime.

These are just a few ways you can help cleanse your body and improve your health without actually doing a body cleanse.

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