The Lighter Side of Applebees Nutrition

Everyone at one point or another has heard, and perhaps subscribes to the fact that generally speaking, when you eat out, you’re likely not eating healthily.  This obviously isn’t always the case, but it holds true across most fronts.  Patrons of fast food joints aren’t the only ones eating poorly.  Sure, there may be a difference in the overall quality of the meat, and possibly the freshness of the vegetables, but you can still count on greasy artery clogging goodness at your favorite chain restaurant, like Applebees.

Don’t sweat it too much though.  I know you love the fun atmosphere and the happy hour drink specials – you can still enjoy all that on occasion without having a heart attack for dessert.  There’s some goodness in Applebees nutrition – you just need may need a little guidance – you have to know where to look.  One of the biggest factors that plays into a poor diet when eating out is that you have no idea what’s in what you’re consuming.  Even everyone’s proverbial healthy standby, the salad can be deceiving.  For instance, Applebees nutrition facts show that their Santa Fe salad contains nearly 50 grams of fat, and 700 calories!

If you just take a moment before you go out, head on over to a site like, which offers a database of nearly all chain restaurant nutrition facts, you’ll know that you can get a much healthier salad at Applebees, like the Oriental grilled chicken (4g fat and 20g protein).  A good rule of thumb whether you’re eating at Applebees or any other chain is that you can always count on grilled chicken to be a healthy choice; barring of course, drowning the already dead bird in ranch or blue cheese.  Weight Watchers even endorses some of the restaurant’s meals.  Just head on over to their site, and check out which ones – it’ s actually a pretty decent selection.

With a little bit of homework, and a touch of willpower, you can be eating both good and healthy in the neighborhood.  Yeh!

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