The Importance of Successfully Managing Your Asthma

Recent advances in scientific research, drugs and treatment guidelines have all contributed to a new ability to manage asthma with greater ease than ever. By developing a working partnership with your doctor, you’ll learn to identify the factors that trigger an attack and find the medications that will effectively treat the problem. Using this information, you can develop an action plan for managing your asthma that will help you enjoy a normal lifestyle.

The most significant advance in the treatment of asthma in recent years is the trend to deal with the situation with a holistic approach. This involves taking into account your general health and wellbeing along with your normal lifestyle. This is important, because when your treatment is integrated into your daily routine, you’ll feel more in control and you’ll be more likely to manage it successfully.

The key to success is to become an active participant in the management program right away. Start by having an in-depth discussion with your doctor to identify the situations in which you are experiencing asthma attacks. Any medications you are prescribed will need to be closely monitored for effectiveness. Be sure that any questions you may have about the condition are answered by your doctor so you can feel more confident in following your action plan.

Unfortunately, asthma is a widespread problem that isn’t yet completely understood. Although it is often considered to be a childhood disease, the fact is that about two thirds of the 15 million Americans with the condition are adults. Every year, this number goes up. Although this might be a result of better diagnostic techniques, there’s also the matter of increased proliferation of pollutants, both indoors and out.

With all this in mind, taking control of your asthma becomes a high priority. The responsibility rests with you to develop a treatment for asthma “action plan”, be alert to your asthma triggers, and use your medication wisely. The rewards of doing so are significant: you’ll have fewer attacks, you’ll save money on medication and you may prevent a needless death.

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