The Best Methods Of Facial Hair Removal For Women

Many women experience the embarrassing condition of too much, too dark, or too thick of facial hair. There are several methods of facial hair removal available to combat the condition. Below are listed the most popular types of treatments.

Some women have tried shaving as a way to rid themselves of facial hair. Shaving is not the best option however. If the hair grows quickly throughout the day, shaving twice a day may become mandatory in order to keep the hair from becoming very obvious. Also shaving makes the hair appear thicker and darker when it grows back. Shaving may be an option if the facial hair is very light and does not grow quickly. If there are only a few hairs here and there on the face, tweezing may be an ideal option. This treatment is very quick and usually only needs to be performed about once a week. A tweezers can easily be carried in a purse so anytime a quick tweezing is necessary you can be prepared.

Depilatory creams are applied to the face for approximately five minutes allowing the active ingredients to work on removing the hair. Then the cream is wiped off. These creams are very effective and can be purchased at most drug stores. A few days to a week of hair free skin can be obtained by using these creams. Caution must be used to avoid the eyes and hairline. It is best to try them on a small area of your skin the first time they are used to ensure there is no severe reaction such as redness, blistering, or severe burning.

Waxing is a treatment where hot wax is applied to the hair, allowed to cool and then quickly pulled off, thus pulling the roots of the hair out. While this method is very effective and usually lasts for a few weeks, there is a certain amount of pain which comes with it. Following manufacturers instructions is very important to prevent damaging the skin. Electrolysis is another option and is performed in a salon by a licensed professional. This method sends electricity into the hair shaft.

Facial hair removal for women is an important consideration for many. Several options are available and women should research each to find which method works best for them. Facial hair removal can end the embarrassment of too much hair.

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