The Benefits of New Liposuction Techniques

Because of the many technological advancements in recent years, there have been new liposuction procedure created in the plastic surgery field.  With these new liposuction methods there is a shorter recuperation period because the procedure is not as invasive.  To determine which of the new liposuction methods are right for you be sure to consult a plastic surgeon.  Some of these techniques are limited to larger cities, so depending on where you live, you may have trouble finding a physician to do these new liposuction techniques.  If you are located in or near a big city then this will not be an issue.

Smart Liposuction

This is a very efficient technique called smart liposuction and it has helped to reduce the risk of surgical procedures.  With smart liposuction a laser that is much like what dentists use, is employed.  The laser is precisely calibrated and it is used to liquefy fat under the skin.  It actually breaks the fat cells making them easier to suction out of the body.  This method is performed with local, not general, anesthesia, so the risk of complications is lowered.  Patients are allowed to go back to work in one or two days.  As far as price, smart liposuction is about 30% less costly than traditional liposuction; though it does depend on the body part, or how many body parts are done.  The results are evident right away and as long as you watch your diet and keep exercising, you can expect to see further improvements.

High-Definition Liposuction

This type of liposuction is a new procedure that sculpts the stomach, lower back, pectorals, and buttocks in a three-dimensional way that will highlight muscle definition to make the body more toned.  This surgery lifts a flat rear end, shape the ankles, and make a six pack out of a beer belly.  “Liposculpting” is what plastic surgeon Michelle Copeland calls this new surgery.  Liposuction used to cause a large amount of scarring, but as it evolves, the scarring becomes less noticeable.  Surgeons only have to make very small incisions.  With liposculpting they can take fat from one area and place it in another area on the body.  There is minimal recovery, maybe one or two days at the most, and the cost is approximately $5000. Read more plastic surgery prices.

Water-Jet Assisted

Water Jet assisted liposuction is one of the newest procedures.  Nerves and blood vessels are left intact while the fat cells are moved away from the skin without trauma or damage.  A cannula tip is used to suction out the fat cells and can help reduce tissue inflammation.  This specific new liposuction technique allows for more control and intricacy which maximizes the outcome thereby lessening the risk for corrective follow up procedures.  There is research that suggests this new way of liposuction can be an help to get rid of cellulite.  In comparison to other types of cosmetic surgery, water jet assisted liposuction causes minimal trauma to skin and tissue and generally takes less time.  An added benefit is that many body parts can be treated in one session reducing the number of times a patient must come back.

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