The Benefits of Fitness Watches for Runners

A good fitness or running watch can provide amazing benefits to runners. Interestingly enough, time keeping is not the most popular use for these products anymore. Instead, many runners use them to track their total distances traveled, pace, or speed. One might prefer visiting the gym to test their endurance level through the elliptical, but they can do the same thing on an actual run across town while getting to see the great outdoors. Additionally, a running watch can act like their own personal trainer keeping them on task and recording their progress.

Getting the right running watch for your particular goals is important. Some watches are better geared towards long distancing running or different types of interval training. Additionally, there are some gps enabled models which convert easily to use with a road or mountain bike so you can track your biking adventures. Most gps fitness watches can track numerous data points including location, speed, pace, distance, elevation and even compare your current pace to the last time you covered the exact same route.

Other features with fitness watches are heart rate monitors. There are basically two kinds of heart rate monitor fitness watches; internal heart monitor and external heart monitors. Watches with on-board or internal heart rate monitors are notorious for not being as accurate as the external monitors. The reason is simple really, the external heart rate monitors include a strap which goes around your chest and get’s a more accurate reading of your heart. Whereas the internal heart rate monitors you have to hold with your fingers to get a reading or the watch attempts to get a reading of your wrist. Neither one of which is going to be as accurate as the chest strap.

If you’re really into reviews for product research, the best running watch review is going to be one that is subjective; including both pros and cons of the device the person is reviewing. The best idea is to read as many reviews as you can to get an overall gut feeling about the product. Before making a purchase however, you may first need to justify why you need a running watch in the first place.

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