Tennis Elbow Treatment Options

Tennis elbow is a painful condition of the elbow. At the outside of your elbow, there is a bony bump called the epicondyle. This epicondyle is linked to fore arm by muscles. Tendons link these muscles to the epicondyle. Many times excessive use of forearm results in damage in the tendons. This is called tennis elbow.

If you have tennis elbow, you will feel a pain below the bony area of your elbow. It can be in the form of dull ache, sharp pain, stinging or throbbing. When you touch the bony area of your elbow you may feel more intense pain. Through yourfore arm the pain may go up to the back of the palm. Gradually doing very simple activities using your wrist and forearm becomes harder. Holding a cup, shaking hands or using a pen may increase your pain.

Tennis elbow is cured by either one or a combination of medication, surgery, some home remedies and exercises.

R. I. C. E. is a technique which is useful in reducing swelling and inflammation and can be used by anyone at home. It includes rest, ice, compression and elevation. You need to keep away from activities that could cause worsening of the injury . Regular icing using an ice pack in the injured area is very essential. It is advisable to wrap the ice pack moderately using a bandage to alleviate swelling and inflammation. ‘Elevation’ technique involves keeping your arm above the heart level to reduce swelling..

A doctor may recommend non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs for tennis elbow treatment. But this relieves you only temporarily. If the case is very severe, surgeries such as ossatripsy,cutting the tendon, making an incision, or removing inflamed tissue is done. This may have possible negative consequences like a painful scar on the skin surface,loss of strength,weakness in the arm,blood loss,damage of blood vessel.

Practicing few easy tennis elbow exercises regularly in a proper way can be helpful in uprooting tennis elbow problem permanently. Few examples of these exercises are forearm twist,wrist extension,prayer stretch etc. However, you should remember that practice of wrong exercise or right exercise in a wrong way may even worsen your problem. It is suggestible to talk to an expert for an exercise plan.

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