How to Do Strength Training over 40?

You might have noticed that as you get older, you become more prone to getting illnesses and diseases. You might have also observed that recoveri ng from a simple flu is harder these days as compared to when you were at your twenty’s or thirty’s. As a matter of fact, an average person that is over 40 is likely to catch 3 to 5 more colds every year than women and men who are between 20 and 30. This simple flu can sometimes escalate into bronchitis, pneumonia, sinusitis or worse! Senior citizens represent about sixty percent of the thirty-six-thousand yearly influenza-related deaths. Inaccurate formulas, shortages and long waits mean that you can never rely mainly on vaccines to save you.

With this said, it is crucial that you boost and enhance your immune system. Strength training over 40 is a great way to accomplish just that. In fact, a lot of fitness experts highly recommend bodybuilding as a way to increase one’s immune system and overall health.

Body building will help build and tone your muscles. This will immensely help better your immune system on various levels. For one, it will prevent you from gaining weight. It also improves your blood circulation. It strengthens and reinforces your lungs and heart and also helps rebuild blood vessel walls. In doing so, it would be much easier for antibodies and nutrients to travel throughout your body fighting flu, infections, colds and other ailments. Simply put, you can now resist flu and colds easily and you can recover and get better faster.

Rest also plays an important part when body building over 50. When you are performing high intensity routines, you need to give your body ample time to rest and recover.

A diet that supports not only your goals in terms of bodybuilding, but encourages immune health is also vital. Make it a point that you consume lots of complex carbohydrates and protein to complement your strength training.

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