Stay-At-Home Moms Love Jillian Michaels DVDs

Jillian Michaels fitness workouts are very popular with women (her 30 Day Shred is great). Stay-at-home moms who find it difficult to get out of the house to workout like womens exercise DVDs because they can workout at home at a time that is good for them and it costs relatively little compared to going to the gym.

Being slim, healthy and having a toned body seems like no  effort to accomplish when you are in your 20s. However, the  older we women get, the harder it can be to keep your body  in this same stage.  For starters, most of us go on to have  babies and having survived 9 months of pregnancy and the  first couple of years running around after the baby, as well  as suffering from sleep deprivation – can take its toll.  Things like going to the gym, working out and eating healthy   are almost impossible to do on a daily basis because we  struggle to juggle with the demands of our young families  and work, as well as housework.  No wonder then that our  late to mid-thirties sees many women looking frumpy and  exhausted with no time to even think about exercise.

Sometimes all it takes is to do things a little differently  and we find our old motivation coming back. Bring the  workout to your home and exercise when you have time and  there is no-one else around. In this way you can take things  at your own pace.  The hardest part will be the first few  days and possibly weeks, when you will want to stop and give  up – but that’s just the “old you”.  Persevere and make it a  habit, be determined to see this through and soon enough  your body will start getting used to the exercise, you will  start to feel really good after your workouts, full of  energy, feeling a little trimmer, and a little more toned.  Once you can see the results, even if they are only tiny  results, you will know that you can do better.

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