Some Positives of the Egg Diet

While fad diets are never a good idea for long-term weight loss that is sustainable, once in a while one of these eating plans does have some positives to it. One such example would be the egg diet, especially when using the version that is more of a supplemental eating plan. The problem is if you Google the words “egg diet” you’ll end up getting several results, many of which will appear like completely different diets and eating plans.

This diet is sometimes referred to as the Adrien Brody diet or the Adrien Brody egg diet. This is because the Hollywood movie star with the same name used a version of this diet to prepare for his role in the movie “The Pianist.” Brody was actually not a big fan of this diet, believing it to be too strict and he complained of headaches from not having enough calories to get through the day. He was on an extreme version of this particular diet, which is not recommended for most people.

The idea of adding eggs to a diet is not a bad one. We can learn from the egg diet by taking some of its positive principles and using them to improve a more moderate meal plan. The first thing you do is to look at the egg itself. Eggs are low in calories but very filling and with solid protein. Protein is great for the muscles, harder to digest which burns more calories, and egg whites are especially healthy. You can use this knowledge to add in eggs to your diet plan for a high-protein filling food that won’t add a lot of calories.

Boneless skinless chicken bre ast with a couple of eggs not only works as a great breakfast meal, but also works as a lunch or dinner later in the day. While the fad egg diet is not a plan that dietitian could recommend, the fact that this diet has some positives can allow you to take advantage and jumpstart your diet by adding some extra eggs.

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