Sleep Cycle – Your Best Friend and Worst Enemy

Why Sleep Cycle Is So Important?

This can be a bit shocking news to some but still it’s backed up by many scientists and experts so it’s really hard to deny. Recent studies showed that the way we deal with our everyday experiences (including relationships in your work place and also within the other parts of the community) and our reactions to them whether positive or negative, they’re highly dependable on our sleep. And not only that another direct result of not getting enough sleep (quality) is that it can also reduce your efficiency too.

But the problem is that most of the time we think we are getting enough sleep (based upon the actual hours that we spend) but in a more scientific angle even after 7-8 hours of bed time most still fail to achieve the best results. First of all let’s have a look at what the term sleep cycle actually means. What this means is that it describes various stages that our Brain goes through when we are sleeping which again can be categorized as REM and NREM. First we arrive at the REM stage which is somewhat a lower level in comparison with the NREM mode. Then the Brain switch to the NREM which is a deeper level and when you’re in it you won’t even see any dream either.

Then again your body switch back to REM and this procedure happens in a cyclic manner few time during night (usually 5-6 times). So the more deeper that you go the more easy it for the Brain to concentrate on the body itself and prepare it for the next day. Things like creating new cells, repairing, etc are done in this time frame efficiently because the Brain itself has very little to worry about. And as a result when you wake up you’ll most definitely feel enthusiastic-ed or “re-charged”. This again can help your to carry on your daily activities while producing more positive results.

There are few common enemies of your sleep that everybody should be aware of. Drugs (Alcohol, Cocaine, Smoking, etc) are among one of the most popular ones. Depression is another “becoming” popular and rising to the top day after day. There are many reasons behind Depression such as mental pressures where you work, too many expectations, anger, insecurity, etc and the list goes on. These are just a few to name for you to consider.

Overcoming them can be done easily and sometimes require both patience and time (depending on the situation, drugs for instance). A recent trend is the use of Hypnosis. And various types of audio tracks are also becoming popular too. Anyhow if you understood the importance of your sleep cycle clock (biological) inside of your body then you can use it as a motivation and try few of the techniques that are available and hopefully will resolve many of your both mind and body related issues.

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